Master Studies: Eyes and Noses


Master Studies: Eyes and Noses, full view

Graphite pencil on Strathmore Toned Tan paper

8.7 x 13 inches


Master studies from

Fundamentals of Drawing by V. A. Mogilevtsev

About This Drawing

Academic drawings studying features of the face in detail from master artworks.

Master studies are a vital part of an artists education. By emulating the work of master artists, a student is able to analyse methods, compositions, colour palettes and more.

These master studies have been created using HB and 4B graphite 2mm lead clutch pencils and a white chalk on toned tan Strathmore sketch paper. Please note that actual colours may vary to those you see on screen. To buy this set of drawings get in touch, you can find my contact details via the navigation menu above.

Master Studies: Eyes and Noses, detail view

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